Activities and Results

What are we doing?

Result 1

We are collecting already existing approaches, methods and tools that are supportive for enabling sustainable mindset development.

Result 2

Together we elaborated a curriculum for a Blended Learning Course for teachers and trainers in vocational training. 

Result 3

Based on the curriculum and the experiences from the Blended Learning Course, we are designing a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Participants┬┤ feedback


Feedback is an important tool to check and secure the quality of educational offers. Below you will find personal reflections of two LTT particiants, also published in Newsletter No. 3. 

LTT1 Workshop Spain

 Topic "Sustainability - a question of technology, economy or values? Efficiency and consistency or justice, solidarity, tolerance?" 

LTT2 Workshop Vienna

Topic " Diversity Management for a Sustainable Lifestyle - Intercultural Competence: Professional Culture, Interreligiousness and Sustainability"


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