LTT 2 Workshop Austria: 15 - 17 November 2023

The University College of Agrarian and Environmental Education hosted this workshop. The focus was set on connection of sustainability with spirituality and philosophy. Additionally, the participants got an insight into Diversity Management.

We were hosted by BRG Purkersdorf during our second day. On that day the PILGRIM network was introduced and we got some insight in outdoor pedagogy.

Some impressions of the Workshop :-)

LTT 2 Pre Online Session: 19 September 2023

We started LTT 2 with an introduction to inter- and intrapersonal attitudes and cleared some organsational issues for the Workshop.

LTT 1 Post Online Session: 16 May 2023

Apart from a short theoretical input, the participants presented their group work results.


LTT 1 Workshop Spain: 29 March - 1 April 2023 

From 29 March until 1 April 2023 the LTT 1 Workshop was held at the premises of our partner Fundacion Montemediterraneo in Spain. 

Participants from Spain, Latvia, Austria, Turkey and Ukraine worked together on different sustainability topics and self-awareness towards own perception and values.

The workshop comprised theoretical input, group work and outdoor activities.

LTT 1 Pre-online-session: 21 February 2023

In the past weeks and months, there has been a lot of work done on the curriculum and materials for the upcoming learning-teaching-training activities, which will be implemented as a blended learning course. The starting point was an online session on the 21 February 2023 and approximately 20 teachers and lecturers from six countries are participating in the course. it is divided into three modules, which take place partly online and partly in presence. The first module deals with the field of tension between knowledge (science) and values or attitudes. Prof. Wilhelm Linder gave a very interesting introduction into the complex topic of sustainability and during the upcoming workshop in Spain from 30.03.-01.04.2023, the participants will focus on their own values and attitudes. 

The next Transnational Partner Meeting will also be in Spain from 27.-28.03.2023, we will keep you updated!