A participant´s feedback LTT1 Workshop Spain

 The workshop at the Dehesa San Francesco in Spain on the topic of "Sustainability - a question of technology, economy or values? Efficiency and consistency or justice, solidarity, tolerance " was an inspiring experience...  
a) Our insights were diverse. We learned that sustainability depends not only on technological advances or economic measures, but also on our individual values and attitudes. It is important that we take our actions and decisions in line with our values in order to create a sustainable future. 
b) The workshop made us think intensively about the topic of sustainability. We realized that it is not just about efficiency and consistency, but also about justice, solidarity and tolerance. These values are crucial to building a sustainable society in which everyone has equal opportunities and no one is excluded. 
c) The methods used during the workshop were very effective. Through discussions, group work and practical exercises, we were able to share our thoughts and ideas and learn from each other. The diversity of the participants allowed us to look at different perspectives and develop new approaches to solutions. 
d) The workshops definitely contributed to the main goal of developing a sustainable mindset. By thinking deeply about the topic and reflecting on our own values, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability. The practical exercises helped us to put our findings into practice and plan concrete steps for a more sustainable future. 
e) As further suggestions, regular follow-up meetings or online platforms could be set up to maintain the exchange and cooperation between the participants. In addition, more workshops on specific topics related to sustainability could be offered to further deepen knowledge and awareness. Overall, the project so far has been an enriching experience that has inspired me to rethink my mindset and actions in relation to sustainability. It has become clear that sustainability is not just a question of technology or economics, but also depends heavily on our values and our willingness to work together. Only through a holistic understanding and action can we create a sustainable future for generations to come. 

S. B.



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